Our History

In 1903 Wonderland Camp began as a Salvation Army "Fresh Air Camp" which provided a pleasant retreat for low income mothers and their children that allowed them to escape the stresses of inner city life and to experience the scents and sights of the outdoors.

The camp officially opened on July 4, 1924 and has continued to transform from its humble beginnings.  In 1934 the Shagbark section of camp was built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) with the help of a generous donation from American Humorist, Actor and Philanthropist, Will Rogers.

A major rebuilding project was undertaken to replace most of the original cabins in 1967. Our name was then changed to Wonderland Camp & Conference Center in 1983.  Through 1995-2005 we continued to build, constructing the Wonderland Chapel, The Wonderland Lodge, The Sharp Activity Center, a state of the art dining hall & the transformation of Sandpiper into a hotel facility.

Today, Wonderland Camp serves many at risk children every summer.  Their lives are enriched physically, personally and spiritually through healthy outdoor activities in a safe and caring environment in which the children can learn and grow.

Wonderland Camp now ranks as one of the largest camp and conference centers in the Midwest with over 700 lodging accommodations in year round heated and air conditioned facilities.  Wonderland Camp and Conference Center continues its commitment to providing quality service to all its guests.